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English summary

How do we prepare the rural-urban fringe for the future? Panorama Lokaal is a design competition for creative teams who are interested in tackling this theme, on behalf of local coalitions of municipalities, housing associations and other relevant parties.

Districts of the past, wishes of the present

Many Dutch people feel at home in the familiar residential areas on the rural-urban fringe, built in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. This is their home and where they live their lives. Their heart is there. And it beats there. 

But the districts of the past no longer fulfil the wishes of the present. We want energy-efficient, suitable and affordable homes. Climate-proof and viable districts. And better use of the surrounding green areas. Thanks to their spacious layout and location at the edge of the countryside, these districts also offer many opportunities. They also offer opportunities for you as a designer.

Panorama Lokaal is looking for multidisciplinary, creative teams that will prepare the rural-urban fringe for the future.

On 24 October, the Board of Government Advisors announced the names of the districts that have been selected for Panorama Lokaal: Bargeres in Emmen, Haarlem Schalkwijk, Julianadorp in the municipality of Den Helder, Rotterdam Beverwaard, Tilburg Noord, Westwijk in Vlaardingen and Mosterdhof in Westervoort. To be able to register a location, a coalition had to be formed with at least a municipality and an association. Residents and parties from the countryside also had to be involved. Because partnership is the basis for a viable, future-proof district. 

The Board of Government Advisors selected five locations from 14 applications. Tilburg Noord and Haarlem Schalkwijk were involved as test locations in the competition. In their selection, the Government Advisors aimed to achieve diversity: nationwide distribution, residential areas from different periods, areas inside and outside the Randstad, big and small locations, and differences in rural context.

Over the coming weeks, the submitters of this location will start formulating a challenging project. Phase 2 will then start, and the multidisciplinary design teams will get to work. Creative teams of architects, urban planners, urban developers, landscape architects and other creative thinkers can register at a location by submitting a motivation and portfolio. For each location, a maximum of three teams will be selected. They will then start work on the project, in partnership with the local coalition and residents.

How do you take part in Panorama Lokaal?

By forming a multidisciplinary design team, including at least a designer whose name is in the register of architects (landscape architect, urban developer, architect). To promote the creation of teams, we will bring together people from different disciplines via a new online matching site. Once the projects for the locations have been announced, your team can register at a location by submitting a motivation and portfolio. 
An expert jury, led by the Rijksbouwmeester (chair of the Board of Government Advisers), will then select three teams per location to develop their innovative, implementable and upscalable plans for the participating locations in studio setting.

Finally, the jury will announce one team as the winning team. Panorama Lokaal will do its utmost to give this team a follow-up project, focused on implementing the plans.
The seven rules for the second phase of the competition will be posted soon on panoramalokaal.nl/prijsvraag/locaties

As the language of the competition is Dutch, the rules will be written in Dutch.

Panorama Nederland

The inspiration for the competition lies in Panorama Nederland: the future image for the spatial design of the Netherlands, presented by the Board of Government Advisors in 2018. This panorama shows how the major social issues of today could be the key for welcome structural improvements in the future. 

An essential element of this future image is that the various projects are viewed in relationship to each other. Because no single project stands alone.

Bearing Panorama Nederland in mind, Panorama Lokaal wants to use the design and imaginative powers of creative teams for the following themes: Climate change, the aging society, the transition to renewable energy, the shortage of housing and the increased sustainability of agriculture.